Vacation with Loved Ones in Vietnam’s Des Arts Hotel

The combination of romanticism and the complete facilities make Hotel Des Arts perfect place for those of you who want to have a vacation with your extended family or colleagues to Vietnam. The distance from the hotel to the tourist spot is relatively close. From this hotel, it only takes about 2 minutes to get to popular bars, local cafes, shopping centers, and entertainment complexes. 5 Star Hotel Saigon attracts visitors back to 1930s Vietnam. The atmosphere is classic and modern. This hotel will make visitors feel comfortable.

The location of the hotel is in the city center. The location makes it easy for visitors to enjoy the whole city. Moreover, to reach the Des Arts Hotel, it only takes about 20 minutes from the Tan Son Nhat international airport. When you are at the hotel, browse some favorite destinations around. One of the most recommended destinations is the Saigon Central Post Office. Saigon Central Post Office is a historical place that was built in the 19th century when Vietnam was still part of the Indo-Chinese Frech.

This 5-star hotel has an atmosphere and design that is quite contradictory. However, the smash-up looks harmonious. The combination of modern design and the traditional atmosphere reflects beauty in diversity. Hotel Des Arts are the perfect lodging for you who likes to contemplate philosophy and meaning.

Tired after a walk, you can visit the bar or relax at the spa. You can also sit on the rooftop while watching the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City, accompanied by a gentle breeze. An atmosphere like this will help to relax your body and mind. Everything will be perfect if accompanied by a variety of food and beverage that have available.

All the comfort and romantic atmosphere can be found here. Even if you tired and decide to stay in a hotel, a refreshing atmosphere and complete facilities will make you entertained. For more details, you can visit the web address at