The Origin Of Marijuana

Marijuana has somewhat of a checkered history throughout history. Sometimes referred to as pot or cannabis, marijuana has a long-standing use history in humans. Some of the earliest recorded uses of cannabis started in Asia around 500 BC. Cannabis cultivation in America dates back to the earliest colonists who were growing hemp for rope and textiles.

A series of factors in the 20th century led to marijuana being criminalized throughout the United States and its legal status is only beginning to change in some states today.

Cannabis plants got started in central Asia and then people began introducing the plan into Africa, Europe, and eventually into America. The hemp fibers used in cannabis plants were valued for producing sales, ropes, clothing, paper, and more. The seeds were also sometimes used as a food source.

Marijuana is so highly valued because it grows like a weed and it comes with many unique uses. The earliest hemp plants contained very low levels of THC but there is some evidence that there were strains of marijuana known for producing psychoactive properties. Most of the types of hemp that were being cultivated for these high degrees of THC were put into use in religious ceremonies as well as in healing practices.

Since the early days of ritualistic and medical use, doctors began studying marijuana for treating more serious conditions like cholera in the 1830’s.

Today cannabis legalization is on its way to greater prevalence, and as we see more states opening up their restrictions on marijuana use, we can begin to understand how useful these products can be for health and wellbeing.

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