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The Most Interesting Mural Wallpaper Ideas

When you have that dull wall and want to give it that facelift, one of the things you can do is plaster on it a wallpaper. And just not any wallpaper but a real-life inspired mural. But what is a mural, and what is the distinctive difference with wallpaper?

In a nutshell, a mural is a blown-up picture of an object we have in real life. This might be a scenery, animal, or simply an imaginative galaxy printed on wallpaper. They are a stage higher than any wallpaper since you can get a custom-made mural. So much so, it offers you a chance to be exclusive and unique in your interior design. And here are some of the most exciting ideas for mural wallpaper designs.

Animal murals

Suppose your child loves the zoo; why not place a mural of animals in their room? You could go with a graceful horse wallpaper or have the entire lion king cast printed on one. This will make your kid happy as they will always feel like they are in their happy place. These animal murals may also fit in any of your spaces, and they will ground you.

Landscape murals

Have you ever been to the coast, enjoying the sun by the beach with your glass of old water and the sound of the tides coming in? It’s relaxing. Now imagine bringing that scenery into your living room, wouldn’t that be nice!

Of course, it would. And so this serves as the second idea of a mural wallpaper you could look great in your home. You may expand this into any scenery like a wine country, a forest, mountain top, or a valley that just gives you peace.

Educational murals

In this class of murals, you may decide to print out the entire world map, mathematical formulas, chemistry equations, or alphabets for you and your kids. This way, your child gets to learn these things early on subconsciously as most of this information’s stick around. You may place such in the study or their room, whichever seems fit.

Astrological murals

These entail images of the galaxies and astrological figures like stars and the signs such as Libras, Gemini, Capricorn, and the rest. Suppose you get intrigued with such things, then having such could be a great idea.

Custom murals

When it comes to custom-made, this entails anything you wish to make from your own portrait, your child’s picture, your car, or even an image that you just find fascinating. Whatever you want could be printed into a mural, and you have it hung up in your home.

Bottom line

Now you do not have to stand a home that looks boring if you can spice it up with some awesome mural wallpapers. You have an entire collection to choose from, plus even make some of your own. So much so that you really do not have an excuse as to why your home seems dull. So if you want it, go get it.