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How Live Rosin And Live Resin Are Produced

The way live rosin and live resin are produced largely affects the flavor, strength, and ease of use of the end product. Knowing these methods will help consumers to respect and learn from the different kinds of concentrates, so that they can be more careful about their choices when it comes to shopping for them.

The process uses solvents like Butane (BHO) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to extract the most important compounds of fresh or freshly-frozen cannabis buds The process starts with freezing freshly harvested cannabis to retain the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids. These frozen buds are then extracted using solvent to get the complete flavor package and retain as much THC as possible. The result is high in both potency and flavor.

Live resin is a very diverse type of concentrate given that it is solvent-dependent extraction process. Another way to consume is through Dabbing – a high-temperature method of inhaling via a dab rig (glass pipe specifically made for concentrates) or vaping – which means it may be purchased pre-filled in cartridges. This versatility has helped live resin become a favorite for many cannabis connoisseurs, able to provide a deep, flavor rich, and dual-brain experience.

Butane hash-oil (BHO for short) is made by extraction which precludes Live rosin. Rather it uses a process called solvent-less extraction that uses a combination of heat and pressure to extract the essential oils out of fresh-frozen cannabis buds or hash. While there are many other ways to make distillate, using solventless techniques of the plant is ensured to hold its natural aromas and flavors allowing for a finished product that is full in smell, taste, and effect.

With live rosin, the fresh cannabis material is pressed between heated plates, extracting the oils out and into a product. This step takes a lot more work and, at this stage, requires some specialty items like a rosin press, but the finished good is chemical free. Live rosin is solventless, so it is generally better to consume for health-minded customers looking for something closer to the natural experience of cannabis.

Ultimately choosing between live rosin and live resin comes down to user preference and the type of dabbing or vaping experience that is seeking. Live resin provides an extract high simply from its solvent-based extraction. Live rosin then offers a cleaner, more aromatically impressive dab for the solventless homies. Consumers can choose the concentrate which is most beneficial for their needs and style of consumption, as each method has its own advantages.