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How Do Non-Invasive Face Slimming Really Work?

Have you ever snapped a selfie and been upset cause your neck seems saggy and fat? Do you think your pudgy chin makes you appear ugly in photos? Should you simply accept all of the fat tissue beneath the chin isn’t going to disappear anytime soon? Is it possible to eliminate that bothersome double chin that has been plaguing your Instagram for the longest time?

No worries! Your double chin doesn’t need to remain there forever! You could finally bid farewell to that excess lump of fat and find the courage to take selfies again, thanks to the marvels of cosmetic medicine and non-invasive face slimming treatments.

What Precisely Is A Double Chin, And What Causes It?

A double chin, also called submental fat, is induced by the formation fat tissue layer beneath the chin. It breaks the border between your jaw and neck and appears in photographs as a droopy flap of skin, putting an extra “chin” beneath your real one. Here  are the three most common causes of the dreadful double chin:

Weight Gain

Gaining weight is, surely, among the most typical causes of acquiring fat beneath the chin. The more calories you consume every day, the more likely you are to develop a double chin and gain more weight. It’s not to say that a healthy exercise and diet routine would fully prevent the appearance of double chins.


Aging is another factor that contributes to a double chin. As we get old, the skin gets looser due to a decrease in collagen formation, which helps in the tightening of the skin. This causes the skin behind the chin to get looser and saggier, making you have a double chin.


It can occur that even if you are fit and young, you nevertheless get a double chin. According to research, having a double chin is more typical in families. This means that you have a genetic explanation for the double chin, and exercise and diet might not help you get rid of it.

What Can I Do To Remove My Double Chin?

Regular exercise and a good diet will help you eliminate your double chin. These, in addition to assisting you to reduce fat beneath the chin, help break down fat all across your entire body, providing you with a fitter, healthier figure. These could also lower the chances of having cancer or heart disease.

The disadvantage of a generic weight loss exercise and diet regimen is you cannot target specifically a fat-burning portion of the body. Weight loss activities burn fat from your entire body, as opposed to muscle growth exercises, which lets you specifically target muscles for toning. It is not possible to ‘spot burn’ a region of the body, like the double chin.

Unfortunately, even if you strictly adhere to your exercise and diet plan, the double chin may persist. There is no reason to panic, though, because various non-surgical face slimming treatments have already been created to eliminate the bothersome double chin.

Non-Invasive Face Slimming Procedures

Thread Lifts

A thread lift is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses temporary stitches to produce a visible “lift” on the skin. This pulls your skin back slightly, causing your skin to tighten and lift. Another advantage of receiving a thread lift is the fact that these “threads” stimulate the body to manufacture a lot of collagen in your lifted regions. This allows your skin to tighten and strengthen, resulting in skin tissue regeneration.

After applying numbing lotion to the chin, the doctor would trace the paths that those threads would take beneath your skin. Topical anesthesia is then injected into your skin to alleviate any discomfort caused by the inserted threads. Then, the needle is used to provide an entry site for the threads.

Following that, each thread is gently inserted to lift the fat and skin tissue. Once all of the threads have been introduced and secured, the surplus threads are cut and the treatment is completed. This entire operation normally takes about 25 to 35 minutes, and there’s essentially no downtime because you could continue your normal activities right away.

(HIFU) High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

(HIFU) High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound procedures are among the most popular non-invasive facelift treatments, but they could also be employed to remove a double chin. Although it’s less famous than double chin thread lift therapy or fat freezing, HIFU could be an excellent additional treatment to enhance the effectiveness of other procedures.

HIFU procedure works by sending ultrasound waves through your skin to target deeper tissues of fat, lifting and tightening the skin beneath the chin.

Whatever treatment you choose to remove your double chin, it’s always critical to have a thorough consultation with a reputable cosmetic doctor. Do not rush anything and thoroughly research the procedure to avoid issues.