Easy Tricks to Make Bokeh Videos with an Android Smartphone

Admittedly, the trend of bokeh videos is mushrooming on Android smartphones. The reason is none other than because the resulting video is more attractive and stands out because the main object is made more focused.

Unfortunately, the bokeh effect is usually made by utilizing two lenses on a smartphone. This needs to be done because a lens is needed to capture the depth-of-field image.

However, that does not mean there is no way to get bokeh videos using one camera on a smartphone. Are you curious as to how? Here are tips for doing it.

1. Get close to the object of the video

A bokeh video requires that the object fills the frame. Therefore, you need to get closer to the video object you want to take.

Make sure the smartphone camera distance from the video object is at least 1.5 to 2.5 meters. After that, you have to adjust the distance between the object and the background.

So, avoid the background that gets too close to the object. The further away the background is, the more blurry the bokeh video gets.

2. Avoid Lots of Video Objects and Crowded Backgrounds

To optimize bokeh videos, you have to avoid too many objects that are in one frame.

Also, make sure all objects are aligned. If you want to do a group video, it’s best to do it in small numbers, like two or three people.

3. Select Tap Object and Use Manual Focus

To get optimal results, you must first adjust the focus of the object. You can tap on the object you want to focus on.

In some smartphones, you can also take advantage of the manual focus feature. With this feature, you can adjust the level of blur and the focal length of the smartphone.

For the record, you also need to adjust the composition of the video by applying the rule of third. To help, you need to activate the grid on the screen for reference.

4. Use the Lens Blur feature in Google Camera

Not only the method above, but you also take advantage of the Lens Blur feature in the Google Camera application. But before that, you need to take a distance of 1.5 meters from the object.

How to use it is quite easy, you just need to follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Even though it’s not too perfect, you can use this method if you don’t want to get bokeh videos without hassle.

5. Use Third Party Applications

The last way you can use to get bokeh videos is to take advantage of third-party applications. Moreover, several Android smartphones are currently equipped with capable cameras. Download here video bokeh museum.