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Dos and Don’ts During Pest Control

Pets can be irritating. Bugs and termites can be, at times, very bothersome for you in your home. Pet infestations can be terrible, and you need regular pest control measures at home to deal with them. Pest control can be helpful in your home while dealing with the removal of harmful pests from your home and maintaining a healthy environment around your home. Contact pest control Austin, TX, if you are facing a pest problem. But there are some things that you must follow before availing of a pest control service in your home.

These are some do’s that you must follow during pest control:

  1. Remove any food or water products from your home because they may be exposed to toxic chemicals.
  2. Remove cooking utensils or appliances from your kitchen as they might also get exposed to chemicals.
  3. See if there is any water spillage. 
  4. Keep the garbage bins tightly closed and clean. Always dispose of them when packed so insects cannot settle there.
  5. Keep pets and children away from the area when pest removal occurs.
  6. Dispose of pesticides carefully. Always take proper precautions before disposing of the pesticides.
  7. Block all leakages in your floors, walls, or ceilings
  8. Use masks and gloves while the pest removal process is going on.
  9. Let your neighbors know that pest control is happening in your house and advise them to close their windows so that toxic chemicals won’t enter their homes.
  10. It is better to keep aside all your furniture and other belongings in another room while the pest control is going on.

Do NOT do these during pest control:

  1. Don’t leave chemicals or pesticides exposed in your home where children or pets can find them because it can be dangerous if they inhale or consume them by chance.
  2. Don’t use pesticides indiscriminately. They can be toxic and harmful. Much exposure to these chemicals can be dangerous.
  3. Don’t dispose of chemicals or pesticides without taking precautions.
  4. Don’t mix pesticides or any other chemicals.
  5. Don’t take chemicals lightly. The chemicals and substances used in pest control can be harmful if not regulated.
  6. Don’t leave your furniture and appliances uncovered because they can be exposed to highly toxic chemicals and pesticides.
  7. Don’t let yourself or your children be exposed to these chemicals and pesticides.


Pest control must be done in your home to maintain a healthy and pest–free environment around you, but during pest control, you must take these precautions to ensure safe pest control. Never assume working with chemicals is an easy job because chemicals can be severely toxic and, if not regulated properly, cause more harm than good.