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Glasses are one of the fashion items that you can always count on to complete your style. As a deterrent to bright sunlight, as eye protection from radiation, or it can also be a viewing aid that always faithfully accompanies your activities.

Whatever the function, what is certain is that the selection of prescription sunglasses at Designer Optics is usually determined with a model that matches the shape of the face so that the overall composition can show a balanced composition.

In this season, you can choose glasses with a statement full of accents that are gaining popularity. One of the things that Fimela recommends is the Fred Fall/Winter 2021 collection with models with strong characteristics. since 1936 Fred, who is one of the well-known jewelry brands, has created accessory models that are young at heart.

A collection inspired by jewelry

Unique frame silhouettes are one of the eyewear trends this season with a vintage and futuristic touch.

Incarnated into the Fall/Winter 2021 eyewear collection, Fred introduces Force 10, a collection inspired by the iconic Force 10 bracelet as a symbol of freedom, courage, and audacity.

A collection dedicated to women and symbolizing love is created in the Pretty Heart collection. The collection is also highly anticipated, adapted from the necklace Julia Roberts wore in the 1990 film Pretty Woman.

This eyewear collection is produced by Thèlios, who is an optometrist under LVMH. A creation that combines the elegance and strong characteristics of the Italian eyewear fashion house. besides casual cheap prescription glasses online, you can also choose a collection of optical glasses.

Of all the brands, Gucci has the most striking collections. The Italian fashion house this year issued a variety of sunglasses in various colors, such as pink, yellow and green. Not only colorful in the lens, in its latest collection, Gucci also issued eyeglass frames with unusual colors. Starting from colorful stripes, to beaded decorations with attractive colors.

Another brand, the Cartier fashion house also released its latest collection. Unlike Gucci, Cartier puts forward a touch of elegance and classic. Even this year, the French fashion house issued a premium collection such as glasses with a gold coating.