Acoustic Ceilings: Benefits and Applications

Acoustic Ceilings are sound absorbing drop ceilings which provide effective noise control. These acoustic ceilings tile and panels are available in large variety of material, sizes, designs. They improve the acoustical qualities of any space. Acoustic Ceilings are becoming popular in homes, businesses and schools.

Most of the acoustic ceiling tiles are made from mineral fiber and fiber glass. Mineral fiber is the best material for these ceilings as they contain High Noise Reduction Coefficient(NRC), which make them best to absorb high echo or loud sounds.

Benefits Of Acoustic Ceilings


They are an affordable choice when it comes to lowering the height of modern rooms. They save money by reducing utility cost.

Dampen Ambient Noise

Acoustic Ceilings dampen ambient noises for building better environment.

Ability to Hide Ducting

Acoustic Ceilings hide heating and cooling ducts or wires and pipes. This makes acoustic ceilings a popular choice for basement redesigning. …

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