Carports can be a great way to add space to your home

In comparison to a garage, carports are simple structures. It has a simple frame with a roof that offers protection to a car. A carport is not fully enclosed. It usually offers only overhead protection and may have support on two sides. They are much smaller than a garage and are cheap and easy to construct. 

Carport Doors designs are flexible. Carports can either be standalone or attached to your home. Carports offer plenty of space to open the doors and move around the parked car. These structures don’t require any approval to construct as they are not an enclosed area. 

Different types of carport doors

  • Retractable Carport Doors: These types of carport doors are similar to canopy garage doors. However, there are several differences. The gate extends further from the structure and then retracts. It is then stored in the roof on runners in the carport. It is also easy to install.
  • Sectional Carport Doors: If the carport entrance has heavy usage, sectional carport doors can be an ideal choice with added insulation. The carport door splits into sections and the sectional carport doors move up. The roof ceiling on runners helps in storing the door.

Benefits of installing a carport

  • Safe from all elements: Some carports come equipped with a roof and some carports have sides. Based on the design, it can shield your car from rain, dust, snow and even the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Protection against vandalism and threat: Parked in a carport, your car is easily visible. So burglars or vandals may not take the risk to enter the carport. So in a sense, your car is safer from vandalism or other types of attacks than when hidden in an enclosed garage where burglars can quietly steal the car.
  • Additional space: Carports are great in warm weather. When the family needs extra space for a gathering, the carport area can be very useful! 
  •  Carports are not only for cars: Many people have carports installed on their property for not only their cars. They also use these carports for protecting their boats, trailers, RV’s motorcycles or any other vehicles.
  • Provides excellent shaded environment: Carports provide excellent shaded environments. Children can use carports as an outdoor play area in hot and sunny weather. Adults too can make use of this space to relax or for entertainment. 
  • Multi-use structure: Carports with walls can serve well if extra space for storage is needed. Also, by placing a workbench or for equipment storage, a carport serves well.
  • Ease in usage: As most carports remain as open areas, they don’t have doors. Adding a carport door can be easy and cost-efficient. You can easily open the carport door and use the place as per your convenience. 
  • Energy-efficient: With a carport, the requirement for an electric garage door opener, excessive lighting or similar energy-draining features are not necessary. Parking closer to the house is better, especially when your car is visible. A carport can be custom designed based on the exact needs of consumers. They are also easier to install when compared to garages. Carports are an alternative to garages in terms of cost, design and flexibility of use.