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Alternative to plastic containers

13 Plastic Packaging Alternatives - Disruptor League

In our daily lives, we often use plastic containers. Plastic containers are used for almost everything and are considered normal. However, there are many drawbacks to plastic containers and many people overlook them. In 2022, it is very important that we do something about climate change. We are trying to do this in different ways, and plastic containers slow down this process enormously. Plastic is, in fact huge, bad for the environment, but many people do not know of a good alternative. Fortunately, there is a sustainable alternative for packaging and that is, of course, glass. Glass packaging is not very popular these days, but it is much better than plastic. What are the advantages of glass packaging? In this article, we will elaborate on this, so you will learn more about it.

It just looks beautiful!

Plastic containers generally do not look nice. They discolour quickly, and they are often not transparent, which many people find unsightly. With glasmeister’s glasses you don’t have this problem and these glasses look beautiful. You can order them in different colours and use them for different purposes. The glasses are transparent, so that you can always see the contents without having to open the packaging. The glasses from glasmeister come in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose between round and rectangular glass containers. Do you want to buy glasses for make-up? Then you can even order glasses from glasmeister with a special closure for make-up!

Glasses are easier to clean

A big advantage of glass packaging is that it is easier to clean. This is not the case with plastic containers, which often remain wet after washing. With a dishcloth, you have to dry them completely, and this takes a lot of time. With glass containers, this is not the case, and often the moisture evaporates by itself. Also, there is always a greasy layer behind on the plastic containers, and they get a dirty smell faster. Glass containers do not have this, and they are also much heavier than plastic containers. This way, they are less likely to tip over in the dishwasher and get clean better.

Glasses are durable

As you could have read earlier, glasses are a lot more durable than plastic containers. Glasses last for several years, and plastic containers do not. This also means that you have to buy less packaging, which you often do with plastic containers. This is good for your wallet, but of course it is also very good for the environment.