Acoustic Ceilings: Benefits and Applications

Acoustic Ceilings are sound absorbing drop ceilings which provide effective noise control. These acoustic ceilings tile and panels are available in large variety of material, sizes, designs. They improve the acoustical qualities of any space. Acoustic Ceilings are becoming popular in homes, businesses and schools.

Most of the acoustic ceiling tiles are made from mineral fiber and fiber glass. Mineral fiber is the best material for these ceilings as they contain High Noise Reduction Coefficient(NRC), which make them best to absorb high echo or loud sounds.

Benefits Of Acoustic Ceilings


They are an affordable choice when it comes to lowering the height of modern rooms. They save money by reducing utility cost.

Dampen Ambient Noise

Acoustic Ceilings dampen ambient noises for building better environment.

Ability to Hide Ducting

Acoustic Ceilings hide heating and cooling ducts or wires and pipes. This makes acoustic ceilings a popular choice for basement redesigning. They easily hide exposed ducts wires and pipes.

Easily Unfixed

One of the biggest advantage is that these ceilings can be removed without damage to the room and base of the ceiling of which it is  formcan be easily maintained. They can be easily removed or replaced in just minutes.

Perform their Prime Function

Being manufactured from mineral fiber, these tiles are good at absorbing sound within a space and help prevent loud noise and echoes. They work great in rooms where sound bounces from room to room.

Room Ambience

Acoustic Ceilings are highly light reflective. They allow more light to reflect into the room. They are humidity resistance, reflective and fire resistance. They are easy in cleaning too.

Wide Variety Available

Designs of acoustic ceilings tiles come in smooth or rough appearance. You can choose a tile of different edges. Tiles are available in imprinted designs or pattern scored into a tile. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles come in many designs and patterns.

ApplicationsOf Acoustic Ceilings


In construction, Acoustic fire ceilings are used in between the slab and concrete flooring to reduce noise transported to through the building.

Acoustic Ceilings are extremely tough and punch resistance so that it never causes damage or loses sound absorption performance.


Creates better sounding rooms. Acoustic Ceilings offer superior performance and fresh looks for small businesses, offices, meeting areas and other commercial areas.


 Acoustic Ceiling provides sound proof environment where people can read, work and research comfortably.


Acoustic Ceilings are the perfect choice when both noise reduction and style are important. These ceilings are consider best option for calm and relaxing environment. In pubs and discos these ceilings solve the common noise problem.

Schools and Academies

A highly sound absorptive ceiling helps to reduce noise and makes learning more enjoyable.It is beneficial in typical dance studios where instructors are forced to shout above the music.


Decorative acoustic ceilings can create beautiful space and reduce noise by up to 70%. They add style and noise control to your common area , bedroom or in guestroom